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Mindfulness Practice Days and One Day Workshops

Following completion of the 8-week Mindfulness course, I offer monthly group practice meetings in the evening in order to support and deepen your ongoing Mindfulness Practice.

A further deepening and refreshing of your Mindfulness practice is possible by joining the themed quarterly one-day workshops. or longer retreats.

We will be exploring the theme throughout the day(s) with formal, guided meditation, informal Mindfulness practice and dialogue. Questions like: How can we notice more often when we fall back into our habitual patterns of reactivity and a sense of constriction or harshness and lose contact with our body and our environment? How to keep our Mindfulness practice alive and fresh? How can we foster a way of being present in our body and mind and also link into the space around us in everyday life? can be explored.

We will have time to let the theme settle during sitting, walking and movement meditation.

Large parts of the day(s), including the lunch break, will be in silence in order to be able to focus on our experience from moment-to-moment. There will also be an opportunity to have a private conversation with me about your Mindfulness practice and any related questions you might wish to bring up.

Compassionate Living Day

Saturday 16th September 2023

10 am - 4 pm

held online via Zoom

(for those who have completed the Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living course)

This is an opportunity to come together and practise the exercises of the MINDFULNESS-BASED COMPASSIONATE LIVING course that you have done in the past. As we have been living with enormous challenges, particularly since COVID and now with even a lot more worries in our everyday life, compassion for ourselves and for others is a sane response to many pressures we are facing and this approach needs sustained and regular practice.

Much of the day will be in silence and at the end there is the space to share your experience.

I am offering this day online, as COVID regulations are still in flux and to make it accessible for all and include those who don't live in the Maidstone area. We will take regular breaks from the screen for refreshments and lunch and include walking and movement practices.

The fee for the day is £40 - 60. Please choose which amount is appropriate to you at this time.

If you have any further questions about the technical side, regarding the suitability for you at this time, or wish to join please get in touch.

I look forward to this precious opportunity of a group practising together and supporting each other in cultivating compassion in our lives.

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