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Biodynamic Massage

is concerned with the integration of all aspects of a person – physical, emotional,

intellectual and spiritual within the context of one’s life and relationships at home,

work and leisure. It is a treatment in its own right or it can be an integral part

of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. Rather than trying to deal with a symptom, the

biodynamic massage therapist works with the client to understand the meaning

and messages of illness, and in this process symptom relief may come about

through creating a new balance within oneself and life generally.

Following an initial consultation the therapist selects the appropriate massage technique to

suit the client’s needs at this particular time. This supports the client’s own inner potential

of self-regulation and self-healing. You will be able to keep your clothes on if you wish.

Biodynamic massage helps to bring the nervous system into balance between excitement

and relaxation, vitalisation and to restore good muscles tone. It supports a more natural,

full breathing pattern and helps relax where there is too much tension and mobilise

unused energy resources. Working with the effects and origins of stress, Biodynamic

massage can promote deep relaxation, improve the circulation and increase energy levels

and well-being. It can also help to relieve chronic symptoms, such as headaches and

tensions, pains and digestive problems, insomnia, arthritis and low energy.

The therapist sometimes uses a stethoscope to listen to the sounds in the digestive system as a feedback of the enhanced energy flow and on how the system is unwinding. The founder of Biodynamic Psychology, Gerda Boyesen, discovered how we actually “digest” unexpressed emotions and the after-effects of stress through our digestiveorgans. She called this process “Psychoperistalsis”.

How we breathe directly affects our energy levels, and our ability to let go of tension

and worry. The therapist tunes into the rhythm of the client’s breathing to encourage a sense of expansion and pleasure.

Benefits of Biodynamic massage may be felt after the first session but more profound and lasting changes take place after a series of treatments carried out over a period of several weeks or months.

Treatments usually last for up to 1 hour, although longer sessions can be given by prior arrangement.

To book an initial consultation now call

Barbara Hussong 01622 670587

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