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Biodynamic Psychotherapy

is a gentle and effective process, which addresses the person as a whole. It is a Body Psychotherapy and therefore focuses on the psyche through its expression in the body to bring awareness to all levels of being. This can include body sensations, thoughts, thinking patterns, feelings, and movements of energy. Through the process of bringing awareness to “how it is” it becomes possible to make different choices and to connect with the “essential self”, which is intrinsically healthy.

The body reflects a person’s current state as well as their life history. In health, mind and body function in an integrated manner. When this happens, breathing, movement, mood, speech and sense of wellness are harmonious. More often full health is not evident.

Who is it for?

Every unexpressed joy, trauma, shock, or difficulty in life is embodied. These experiences manifest as aches and pains, shallow breathing, inability to relax and sleep, disturbed thinking, inability to concentrate or make decisions, and lack of vitality. When these conditions persist for a long time, they become fixed in the body, and develop into illness and general malaise. This can result in chronic conditions like headache, migraine, lower back pain, digestive problems, period pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, loss of meaning or a general feeling of not being able to cope.

How does it work?

In Biodynamic Psychotherapy the therapist works with the client to discover the meaning

of unskilful patterns of behaviour, how it is that relationships which are not satisfying are maintained, and the meaning of the messages that the body is communicating. Gradually

a story unfolds about what makes for greater or lesser well being. Perhaps protective ways of being, developed for survival in past circumstances are no longer necessary and are self-limiting.

Feelings and memories of unresolved conflicts may rise to the surface and can then be worked on and resolved, gaining a clearer understanding of the present in the light of past experiences and so being able to live a more fulfilling life.

What to expect:

Biodynamic Psychotherapy respects the innate wisdom of each person, even when you

don’t believe it yourself.

Your wishes will always be respected and you will explore ways of using the sessions jointly with the therapist in order to get to know yourself in your own time and way.

The therapist supports the individual's drive towards health in whichever way is

appropriate and will use reflective talking, Biodynamic Massage, exercises in body awareness and movements, images and other ‘self-evolving’ methods in the safe and confidential space of the therapy.

Short term psychotherapy lasts from 3 to 6 months, but for more in depth self discovery the process is more likely to last 2 or more years.

The first step is to make an appointment for an initial consultation in order to assess your needs.

To book an initial consultation now call

Barbara Hussong 01622 670587

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